Alicia Sanz is going to face trouble as her From Dusk Till Dawn character.

The Spanish actress will be playing Paloma Gutierrez, an undocumented immigrant who is kidnapped by Richie, Zane Holtz and Santanico, according to Variety Latino.

“I am so excited to work with this great cast and team on this project,” she said to Variety. “It’s an incredible show and I can’t wait to see how it develops for the second season.”

Danny Trejo will be another face you will start seeing on the show. The show is currently filming its second season and will premiere toward the end of the year.


Alicia Sanz is one of the leading characters who has begin2011Alicia PARTYFebruary AFTER the shooting of which will be his first film as hero. The title is After Party, led by Miguel Larraya. Share the bill with Luis Fernandez, Ana Caldas, Juan Blanco, Andrea Dueso, Rocio Leon, David Seijo and Ursula Corberó. Produce Telespan 2000 and Telecinco Cinema.

Martin (Luis Fernandez) is the star of Camp Bloodt; a hit TV series and one of the greatest teen idols of the moment. One morning he wake up locked in a huge house after a wild party with three girls who met the night before. Through a phone from which you can not call, start receiving videos showing the deaths of young people locked in the house, run by a mysterious person dressed as the murderer who appears in the series starring Martin.


Antena3 started filming a few weeks ago the second season of “Gavilanes”. Produced by Gestmusic for the channel. The main ingredients of the series are love, passion and thriller and has hooked a more than two and a half million audience during Mondays prime time along the first season.

The final shootout will establish the course of the second season. New plots, more family conflicts and new loves that will be the main characteristics of the new season that is already been filmed in Barcelona.


In the adaptation for Antena 3, Gestmusic will maintain the central plot that has turned “Pasión de Gavilanes” into an international success. Thriller and an intrigue climates will domain the plot but new storylines will surprise the fans.It has a spectacular cast led by three brothers, which are the main characters of the series: Rodolfo Sancho, Roger Berruezo and Alejandro Albarracín.

The actress who give life to the three sisters Elizondo: Claudia Bassols, Diana Palazón and Alicia Sanz.

And the rest of the cast: Carmen Elías, Fernando Andina and Norma Ruiz.

As in “Pasion de Gavilanes”, the Reyes brothers swear avenge their sisters death and that makes them work for Elizondo. All the hate they have towards the family will turn into love…